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Dick Caine has trained many Australian sports men and women over his 45 year career. This website will try to chronicle his life’s work as a tribute to a great Australian. The measure of a man’s life is not what he has done but what he will be remembered for, in Dick’s case this won’t be for training great world class athletes in various sports but rather for being a down to Earth, fair dinkum Australian that would give you his last dollar so you could eat whilst he would go without. Dick has been awarded medals, been called a hero, and invited to many boards, clubs and organizations, but the thing he does best, is help out the underprivileged kids of our community and he goes about this very quietly.

Dick Caine invites business owners to not only promote and market their businesses to residents of the district but to also support local schools, clubs and the community in keeping the Olympic Pool heated and open all year. See our sponsors links page to find out how!

Team Dick Caine has been based at the Carss Park War Memorial Swimming Pool and Gymnasium for the last four decades. Tens of thousands of young Australian boys and girls have trained for various sports in that time and some have gone on to National and International superstar status.

Sports like swimming, triathlon and boxing are what you would expect however ‘Team Caine’ goes beyond being stereotyped, having vast success in other sports like Rugby League for example. As you look through the pages of this website, you will stroll down memory lane, take a look back at some of Australia’s greatest ever sports people.

Here is yet another typical testimonial, “One of the areas of improvement that Nader ‘Lionheart’ Hamdan 32-1 (15) is already working on is his conditioning and strength, adding renown Olympic sport fitness coach Dick Caine to his team.” Source Aussiebox.

The legend of Dick Caine started more than 40 years ago and is still gaining momentum, not winding down as you might have guessed. Today the Dick Caine Team has grown and continues to expand into fields of human performance that extend beyond the world of sport, where he is best known.

Motivator, confessor, coach, trainer, tutor, mentor, friend, these are just some of the words people have used to describe Dick Caine. Taking that one step further, over 20 World Champions, dozens of Olympians, too many National Champions to remember are actually the people who use words like Friend to describe Dick Caine.

Dick Caine has been recognized by John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister (see image below), several Civic Councils, a number of Board of Directors, and literally tens of thousands of individual boys and girls who are now mum’s and dad’s, with a second generation of people learning how to swim or stay fit.

Dick Caine might be linked to swimming but swimming is just one of a great number of sports where Dick Caine has excelled. Sports like Boxing, Bodybuilding, Triathlon, Rugby League, Harness Racing, Cricket, Aerobics, Squash, Tennis, Water Polo, Track and Field Stars.

Dick Caine is not just a local Australian celebrity, he is larger than life in America and Great Britain where he is continually in demand to give opinions on how to improve an elite athlete’s performance, if they happen to be in a slump. This is not a bad effort for a child from a family of 11 children, who never finished school and was quite a handful as a lad.

Dick Caine is as close as you can come to an Australian version of Tom Sawyer, he is the true Aussie battler come good, by sheer guts and determination. It’s this fighting spirit that he instills in his athletes that motivates them to perform at their best. The technical aspects of his skills come from the more than 40 years of watching and learning and experimenting and listening to the athletes that have passed through his hands.

At sixty years of age you would expect Dick Caine to take a well earned rest, but that can wait till he’s eighty, says Dick. I haven’t helped everybody that I can yet, and to tell you the truth, I get just as big a kick out of seeing a toddler complete their first ever lap of the pool as I do from training an Olympic Gold medalist.

You either love what you do or you have a job, I have never had a job, because from the day I walked into the pool in 1965, I knew what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

You can contact Dick Caine on 9546 4203 or by e-mail at

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